Nothing much to say today, but I thought I’d be a good blogger and check-in, because I know my public demands it. Ha!

Had a nice time with Amanda last night – we closed Michaels (that is, we stayed until they kicked us out). Apparently, large white picture frames are just not popular and I am the only person on the planet that wants one. And, note to self, must go to Michaels from now on instead of JoAnn for yarn (cheap yarn, that is, because the really good stuff has to be bought at the Yarnery). Much better selection (same stuff, just more colors and varieties). And she brought over some crochet books for me, and looked at my stuff, and apparently I’m doing fine. Yay.

And then I went to bed. As immediately as possible. After setting both alarms on my alarm clock and the alarm on my cell phone and the “wake up call” function. Because I didn’t want to miss the bus to Rosedale this morning.

I didn’t, either. I got up and did my hair and makeup and even put on a skirt. I even got breakfast. (OK, breakfast in my purse that I could eat on the bus, but whatever.) I felt pretty good about that. I even had to wait a few minutes for the bus to show up.

The meeting today went OK. I don’t have much to say about it. And now I’m here at work. And bored. Maybe I’ll go get some coffee. I think I’ve earned it today. Really. I did 14 pages worth of typing in four hours of meeting. That’s gotta kick some sort of butt.