I don’t know what I did, but I somehow seriously messed up my ankle. Last night when I got home, I wrapped it and that seemed to help. And then this morning I forgot to wrap it up and when I did remember I realized that it didn’t really hurt, so I thought everything was fine. And then I left for coffee and man-alive did my ankle hurt. And now it feels fine again. So I don’t know what’s up. I took some Advil. And if it still feels wonky tonight, I’ll ice it a bit and wrap it again.

I shouldn’t be that surprised. It’s commonly known that I often injure myself and have no idea how it happened. I often have large bruises on my body and no idea how they got there. And no, I don’t sleep walk. And they usually show up right before the weekend, so I don’t think it’s that my boyfriend is kicking me in my sleep.

The last time I had a big (and painful) bruise show up on my upper shin, I realized that I knew (kinda) where it came from. More specifically, I remember injuring it (the specifics are completely unknown) and thinking, wow, that really hurt, and I’m going to remember this when the bruise shows up. And then, well, I only remembered the thinking about remembering it part. Not helpful.