Blahdiddy blah blah blah

Well, officially has a job interview two weeks from today. They’re flying her up here for a long weekend, so we can finally have that family dinner that we missed out on last time due to the impending snow storm. And she wants to see my “new” place, which means I have this strong desire to do as much home improvement as possible in the next two weeks. Which is… not very much, to be honest. Because there’s no way that shelving is getting put up. Hopefully I can get the kitchen reorganized and the bathroom clean. I think I can be happy with that. As I was laying in bed last night I realized that the yellow paint job looks spectacular and I’m really happy with it. I do have a tiny bit of extra time this week because is in Louisville all week for work. But all that really means is that I definitely have Thursday night free, since that’s about all I get to see him during the week anyways. Tonight’s goal: sweep off side porch and front steps, and centralize all potted plants (or rather pots for plants, since none of mine have life in them) on side porch. Maybe some more spray painting.

Went over to ‘s house on Saturday and helped her paint her bathroom yellow while was at a poker tournament (or, at least, was supposed to be, but then it was shorter than he thought so he went and got a fun new toy and played with that all afternoon while I was with ). We went to Game Day and managed to play LOTR Risk for 6 hours. Who thought up that level of hell? Seriously. Having never played Risk before, most of us didn’t know what we were getting into, and was the only one who had played and didn’t figure out until we were well into the game that the way it was set up meant there was a looooong game ahead with no end in sight. We helped some friends move Saturday morning as well – definitely the easiest move I’ve helped with in a long time.

I think I overdid it on the walking last week, because my right ankle has been hurting since Friday. I should have wrapped it this morning. Oh well. So I’m taking it easy this week (aka riding the bus instead of walking to/from work).

I started the sweater to go with the baby hat this weekend too – cute little turquoise and white stripes, with buttonholes and everything! I like this project.

It’s boring at work today and I’m on phones for a while. Bah.