Friday Fun

  1. The one thing I want to be sure I do this summer is get a healthy amount of sun so I can be all freckly.
  2. My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is waffles.
  3. My favorite outfit is sweat pants and one of my comfort shirts, or shorts and a tank top and sandals.
  4. The accomplishment I am most proud of is at this exact moment, the paint job in my bedroom.
  5. The weirdest thing about me is my feelings on food and germs.
  6. I want to become better at expressing myself.
  7. My least favorite household chore is anything involving a toilet.
  8. My favorite music/song/artist is see yesterday’s post.
  9. The color I like least is red.
  10. I am going to not get as much rest and relaxation as I want to this weekend.