Dove Promises

Yesterday morning on the way to the bus stop, my Dove Promises wrapper said, “It’s definitely a bubble bath day.” I thought that was a bad omen (I’m sure it was supposed to be comforting). And I was right. Yesterday just sucked. The new roommate dropped by last night to leave a bike, and we had a nice talk for about half an hour. I talked to on the phone and worked on the baby hat while watching season finales of CSI and Without A Trace. I got probably 2/3rds of the way done with the hat. Then came home and gave me some bad news. She’s been sick for the last few months, and finally learned from a doctor that she’s developed an allergy to cats. The guy in the 3rd floor apartment is moving out, and she’s moving in there. She was very apologetic – she doesn’t want to move, likes living with me, likes the cats. But her health insurance is screwing her over on prescription medications – she spent almost $100 this week getting them filled – and just a month’s worth. So I totally understand. But it still means I have to start looking for a new roommate again. Almost feel like I can’t catch a break.

Normally when I get stressed about stuff like that, I clean. But since I’ve just moved, my room is pretty orderly, and it was after 11, and there’s only so much cleaning one can do late at night. So I stayed up and finished the baby hat instead. And popped in “You’ve Got Mail.” Comfort stuff. (OK, I ate some fudge too.)

This morning’s wrapper said, “Stop thinking about it.” Handy, since my every waking moment since she told me was consumed with thoughts about it. So I’m going to try. Not really worth it to try to post something today about the opening. Might as well wait until Monday.

I walked to work this morning. That wasn’t the plan, but the bus I was trying to get on was early, and as I watched it drive by…. The next one wasn’t coming for another 22 minutes, so I started walking. And got to my office without one passing me. I actually walked to work faster than waiting. And now I’m tired. I walked home yesterday, Tuesday as well, and Wednesday I took a detour up the big Grand Ave hill all the way down to the Yarnery and back. I figure I’ve walked about… 10 miles this week (did you know it’s 2 miles from work to my house?). Explains why I’m tired.

Well, I’ve got to find a place in downtown Minneapolis to eat dinner at tonight. Off to go use Google Maps!