Sometimes I have no self-control

So when I got home last night, I couldn’t help myself. I started knitting the baby hat. It’s so cute! OK, so really I only have five rows done in a straight line – not even a circle yet, because I have to go get double-pointed needles tonight in size 4. But it’s purple! Nice yarn to work with, too.

I’m giving blood in 20 minutes, so, amazingly enough, I’ve already eaten lunch today. I know! And I scheduled my doctor’s appointment. 24-hour scheduling my a**. Originally I thought that phrase meant that I could call 24 hours a day to schedule an appointment. I was corrected and told that it means I can get in to see a doctor within 24 hours. Of course, not my doctor. My doctor’s next available appointment is the 31st. So, I’ll be waiting till then. Which means I still have to call them back and find out what to do about my back-ordered prescription, since the guy on the phone said he’d transfer me and then… didn’t. I’ll get it figured out. I just don’t want it to cost a zillion dollars to get that filled here in the USA, since it’s not generic.

I walked home from work yesterday. Plan on doing it again today, only instead of walking up Cathedral Hill, I’m going to attempt Grand, since I need to go to the Yarnery which is located on Grand. I know, way too logical. I could have a decent-looking butt by… the end of the summer. Maybe not. Then again, is moving in August, potentially close to me again, and wants to go walking on a regular basis if we live close enough. There’s hope for my posterior.

And, if anyone wants to know, my co-op is selling some CoJack cheese that is to die for. Really. And I know my cheeses.

sent me ultrasound pictures yesterday of my nephew/niece. December 19th. We’ll see about that. My bet is pre-Thanksgiving. and I have a bet over the gender of the kid (me: female, him: male, winner buys dinner). They’re not going to find out until the kid pops out though, so there’s some waiting.

Alright, I’m off to give blood. My civic responsibility. Or something like that.