Away From The Ledge

I’m attempting to talk myself away from the ledge, aren’t you proud? I’ve got my Mocha Malt Frappuccino. I will eat the apple I brought for breakfast. And I will put Sinatra on my headphones in an attempt to ignore the known universe. At least the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to walk outside. And I have cash in my wallet to stop at the store tonight before SNB to pick up yarn to start the next baby project. Thrilling, I know.

loved her Mother’s Day gift. And sent me a link to a house she’s looking at. In Blaine. She’s got another interview at 1:30, and then is hoping for an in-person one in a few weeks.

Also, I ran the numbers last night for how much shelving I need in my room for books, and… well, the math doesn’t work. I need… 9 4-foot shelves. That’s…. more than a wall’s worth. So I’m going to have to see what thinks about shelves… elsewhere in the house. Like the front room. Not like we actually use it. It just looks usable now. Very important difference. And I need to ask her about Memorial Day. I want to have a picnic. I’m sure she’s OK with it. But I need to be polite regardless.

Back to work. Staring at Access for a bit, I think. Not that that will help my mood – in fact, it most definitely will not. But it’s all I’ve got.