So Exciting!

Guess what happened Saturday night! I finished the baby blanket for little Charlie!!!!!

What, you were expecting something of… greater global significance or something? Come on, I’ve been working on this for… four months now. I’m so glad it’s done! I’ve got to take a picture tonight, after I iron-on the label (“Handmade With Love” to avoid the confusion experienced at Christmas). Then I’m bringing it to SNB on Tuesday night to show Amanda and Liz, and then off it goes to Boston!

So I started to re-learn how to crochet on Sunday then. I think I did OK, except for the fact that the rectangle I was trying to make somehow ended up a triangle. I’m sure Amanda will be able to tell me what I’m doing wrong. And I got back to work on the stole/shawl I’ve been working since Christmas, for me.

Oh, were the cats dying for love when I came home. Both slept with me all through the night, and the moment I stirred this morning, Romeo crawled up onto my chest and licked my nose until I got out of bed. That was pleasant.

The birthday party for Prince Charming went well. Everyone was well-fed, had a good time, and only a tiny bit of crying from the short ones when threatened by the cat or the nearness of bedtime. The only bummer was that Prince Charming’s gift arrived partially broken, so I have to return/exchange it, which is sad. Otherwise we could have used it, or at least… looked at it. It’s pretty. I was all excited about it.

And then I called Mom Sunday night and used almost 200 of my night & weekend minutes. Yep. I got filled in on all sorts of things, only some of which I wanted to know, though there was a hilarious story about my grandma, since Mom and her sisters got her a DVD player for Mother’s Day and she has no idea how to hook it up.

There’s nothing going on at work. I should pull open Access and see if I can get my database to do what I want it to with the VB Prince Charming showed me. But that’s really all I have for the whole day, so… I’m going to hold out on that for a bit. You know, save something for this afternoon.