Alright, we’ve quickly gone from “this could be useful, maybe I could tolerate using VB” to “I hate VB and wish that I never ever ever ever had to work with it ever again.” I can’t make it work. I watched do exactly what I need to do yesterday and can’t seem to replicate it. It would help if I could find any documentation that started at the beginning with the basics, rather than just assuming I’m familiar with any of the language at all. Thankfully, a co-worker was going to call down to the IT department to a programmer-friend to see if I could borrow a “For Dummies” book on VB 6. Otherwise, I might just buy one on Amazon for $4 (love those used books). Unfortunately, the work laptop I’m boring doesn’t have Access, so I can’t exactly just bring the database with me on the laptop tomorrow night to SNB for to look at. I can put it on CD and see if can help me next weekend, but then what will I do all this week at work? This is all I’ve got. So you see the frustration. I’m stuck here staring at the de-bugger and the completely useless Chapter 20 of my Access book.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have a completely negative view of VB. I know that if I could figure it out, there are some cool things I can do. And I’m willing to try. But at the moment it’s like hitting my head against a brick wall. Repeatedly. Without a helmet. And we all know how I feel about things that make me feel stupid.

Well, in a few minutes when I’m not listening for the phones anymore, I think I’ll put on my headphones and… brainstorm some other project (our equipment inventory rental system). Get my mind off of this one for a while, since I’m not getting anywhere.

Or…. my co-worker just came over with the borrowed book. It’s actually a “Teach Yourself VB in 21 days” and is, amazingly enough, thicker than my Access book. It’s a whopping… 850 pages, which is less than my Access book. How does that work? Whatever. There’s some light reading for ya.

Insanity, here I come.

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  1. There’s a developer’s quip which is appropriate for your frustrations with VB, but it’s an inexplainable inside joke so I will hold my tongue.

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