Five On Friday

  1. Do you do spring cleaning? If so, what do you do? I love it when it gets warm enough out to be able to finally open all the windows and air out the stuffiness of the winter. This year, any spring cleaning has been taken over with the whole roommate moving out, me moving rooms, and new roommate moving in thing. There’s been a lot of cleaning. And throwing away. That’s the best part of spring cleaning – throwing away crap, finally giving yourself permission to get rid of something you’ve been holding onto for years unnecessarily.
  2. What’s the most cluttered area/room of your home? There’s this section of our hallway that is “organized clutter.” It’s used for storage of… craft projects, winter hats and scarves, and lately, anything I can’t find room for in my new living space.
  3. How do you split up cleaning duties in your home? Do you have a system? How about a schedule? We don’t have a system or a schedule. Basically, whenever or I feel like it, we clean something. Or if one of us is having company over. Or if it’s really disgusting. We try to generally clean up after ourselves and keep some semblance of cleanliness all the time. It doesn’t always work, but is a lot easier now that is gone.
  4. What are your favorite and least favorite cleaning chores? Least favorite: anything to do with the bathroom, or moldy food in the fridge, because they both make me want to wear rubber gloves and vomit simultaneously.. Favorite: (aside from… organizing stuff into piles, because I don’t think that really counts) making the bed, because in under 2 minutes you can instantly make the place look nicer.
  5. If you could rid yourself of one household chore forever, what would it be and why? Litter box cleaning (the little crystals that escape and roam around the floor, the general needing to scoop and… yeah, you know), but only if I can get rid of it and it is magically taken care of. I don’t want to just… stop. My cats smell bad enough when I am a day or two overdue to clean.