While we’re on break…. there’s a woman in my class today who is very annoying. She thinks the world revolves around her (which is clearly not true, since we all know it revolves around me). I know there’s only 4 students here, so everyone gets to be important. But she’s just… monopolizing everything (like when to schedule bathroom breaks and lunch and keeps asking questions that are only vaguely related to the subject matter and then ending the discussion with, well, I won’t end up using this, and I don’t really work with web pages, but I just wanted to know….).


Tonight – home decor consultation with and then SNB. I’ve decided that whatever knitting I get done this week, the baby blanket will be finished. I’ll just knit up the border on Sunday, regardless of how much I’ve finished. It’s close, and I’m really tired of the project. Plus, the baby’s going on two months old now.