Prince Charming and I took some pictures this weekend of the tree outside his house (and I’ve thrown in some at the end that were taken a few weeks ago of his cat, Snowy). As usual, click on the thumbnails to get the full-size versions.

A lone cluster
Pink explosion! (The full size is almost overwhelming.)
in focus
The walking/bike path through the park near Prince Charming’s house.

And Snowy (because I don’t have enough pictures of my cats, I felt the need to add some of cats that aren’t even mine)…

Oh, I’m so tired. Let me rest my head here on this hard piece of wood.
So…. very…. tired…..
Aren’t I just a little bit pathetic? Don’t you feel sorry for me? Don’t you want to give me wet cat food? You know you want to. Don’t you love me?
Alright, enough is enough. I know I’m beautiful, but this is ridiculous. Please stop taking my picture.
Fine. Whatever. I’m turning away from you now. You’re dead to me. Leave me alone.