It is with great sorrow that I report to you…

Sir Poops-A-Lot is dead. Milton Waddams and the plecostamus (or however that’s spelled) are still alive and looking good, if not a tad traumatized. I’m partly to blame, but it’s partly the crappy bus driver’s fault. So as I was cleaning out my fish tank, I moved the fish into the water I’d set out the night before to de-chlorinate. And when it was finally all ready, I poured them into the new tank. Surprise, surprise, the bucket of water only filled the tank up about 2 inches deep. So my fish were… well, cramped, to say the least. But I didn’t have any AquaSafe. And Sir wasn’t looking too good. Well, quick decision, I decided I needed to trek out to PetSmart. So I put my shoes on, grab my purse, and get myself out to the bus stop. And I’m about… nine or ten minutes early for the 8:11. I’m waiting patiently, albeit anxiously. Finally, I see the bus coming down the road. And as it gets closer, it’s not slowing down, not pulling over to the curb, nothing. I’m standing right underneath the “Bus Stop” sign, it’s still light out, and I’ve got my bus pass in hand, clearly waiting. And she barrels by. She even looks over at me, doesn’t even bother to slow down. She doesn’t even wait up at Dale the obligatory few minutes since she was early (because I started walking down there to wait under the cover, since rain was threatening, and I could have made it onto the bus if she’d stayed there until 8:11, but she pulled away at 8:09). And when did the next bus come? Oh, 8:31. So I called and had a nice talk with her. And I will be contacting customer support, because that kinda just screwed me over, you know? I got in and out of PetSmart as soon as possible, back on the bus, and home, but it was too late for Sir. The other two seem to have recovered nicely. I think I’ll have to get Milton a friend (since the plecostamus isn’t terribly friendly, and a night owl, so they have different schedules, and, well, just the one goldfish looks kinda silly in that big tank).

After the fish tank was full of de-chlorinated water, I had to shower, because the cleaning of the tank had been sooooo disgusting. You don’t even want to know.

And then I pulled out the work laptop I borrowed, and discovered there’s an unsecured wireless network connection within range. Fun. And here we are.

But I should get myself to bed. I’ve got 2 more rows to knit tonight, and have to be down at the Science Museum by 8 tomorrow. Memorials for Sir can be left in the comments.