I give in!

That’s it, I give in. There are far too many cool and functional things I could do in my database if I could figure out VB. , if you want to teach me, fabulous. , if you want to teach me, that’ll work too. Maybe between the 2 of you I can actually make my database do what I want it to. And then everyone will kiss the ground I walk on because my database will be oh-so-cool. Well, let’s not go overboard. In fact, I’m almost the only person that will use this database. Sad. But I’ll think I’m cool. (Though only so-cool, since I can’t figure it out on my own. Bummer. It doesn’t help that I don’t have a VB book, just a chapter in my Access book. I swear it’s written in a foreign language. SQL makes more sense.)

I’m going to go see if the new work laptop has Access (it probably doesn’t). Even if it doesn’t, I might just borrow it for a few days. You know, to check out the wi-fi capabilities. Yeah, that’s it.