Everyone’s left for the day and I don’t have any work I can do right now (there are, you know, those ongoing projects, or those things that would take hours that I don’t have time for) and it’s so quiet in here. And I’m stuck here because my bus doesn’t leave yet. (And surprisingly, sitting here bored is preferable to standing outside at the bus stop. It’s cold out!)

I’m looking forward to the weekend, even if there’s nothing slated. Tuesday morning I woke up and thought, man, is it Friday yet? You know it’s going to be a bad week then. So all week it just felt like time crawled by. I think it’s because there’s been so much to do and I’m anxious to get it all done, but want to get it right. And that takes time. And I’m feeling impatient.

Have a great weekend! Maybe I’ll let teach me some Visual Basic. We’re such an exciting couple! (You know you’re jealous.)

2 Replies to “Ugh!”

  1. *Ahem!*

    Young’un is not the only one who could teach you some Visual Basic!

    I took a class in college.

  2. I shouldn’t speak so loudly. I only took ONE class. And I’ve probably forgotten anything worth remembering.

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