What’s Wrong With Me?

Don’t answer that. It was said rather melodramatically, anyways, and I don’t mean it.

The general chronology of events last night:
7:15 new roommate comes over to meet me
8:00 new roommate leaves
8:30 new roommate calls and backs out

OK, so there are a few more details than that….

7:15 discussion with new roommate of how cats will get along in house
7:45 new roommate gives us a check for half of May’s rent, we decide whether or not to get cable, high speed internet, make plans to call cable company to set up installation, give new roommate keys
8:00 walk new roommate out, note with current roommate how nice she is and that this seems like a good thing – we’re in agreeance
8:05 I put on my painting clothes and get to work on my new room
8:25 new roommate apparently…. well, I’ll try to avoid being too mean on this one.

What it comes down to is that she decided, after talking with us for 45 minutes, that since she’s quite liberal and I’m vaguely conservative (it’s all relative, people), that we wouldn’t get along. tried to tell her that although she also is liberal, it’s never been a problem. And I’m pretty confident that can vouch for me as well on this one. Any of the ways in which I may be difficult to live with have nothing to do with my political or religious conservativeness. It ticks me off that someone would make such a flash judgment.

Honestly, if she’s going to make such rash decisions and be so… flaky, then we really don’t want her as a roommate. But she’s put us in a bit of a bind. She’s letting us keep the 1/2 month’s rent [correction: we’re making her let us keep the 1/2 month’s rent], but this means we have… 27 days to find someone to move in. Way to screw us over. was more upset than I was – involved some pretty profanity I won’t repeat.

I, on the other hand, spent the rest of the night painting my new room and reminding myself that I didn’t care what this stranger thought of me and I was an OK person regardless of her poor judgment. In my head, I know her opinion doesn’t matter and isn’t based on… anything, and that my self-worth as a person is in no way related to her existence at all. But a situation like that can mess with your head anyways. I know I’m an OK person, and you know I’m an OK person, and even if you don’t, my own opinion of myself should be enough. I’ve read this book that told me I’m valuable.

And in the interest of not further harming my self-esteem, I will not ask for a list of the ways in which I am difficult to live with in the comments. Feel free, however, to tell me how wonderful I am. I am going to go home, attempt to find Amy’s (Annie’s?) cheese enchiladas at my co-op, and eat chocolate pudding. Plus, it’s a good TV night (even without cable). And I’m going to throw a second coat of paint on the few parts of the room that need it, and perhaps hang some things on the walls, or… get my stuff ready to move (as in, clear off the nice chair that’s piled waist-high with crap, the surface of the desk, do some laundry, vacuum, generally make the place acceptable for company in case anyone wants to help me move furniture later so I won’t be embarrassed by the size of the dust bunnies, etc). Unfortunately, my co-op was out of Vermonty Python yesterday, so I won’t be able to drown my sorrows in a pint of ice cream. Well, that’s probably a good thing. (No comments about the size of my hips, , or you will be beaten.)

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  1. Being quite liberal myself and having lived with you, I am uniquely qualified to tell little-miss-prissy-pants to get off her high horse and try to talk to you rather than make baseless accusations/assumptions. While we do differ WIDELY on MANY subjects you have somehow managed to become and remain a friend. Let me be the first to say, I was highly skeptical of that ever happening when I first met you, but I gave it a chance and now look? What would I do without you?

    [insert profane insulting of little-miss-prissy-pants here]

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