Bueller, Bueller, Anyone?

Anyone want to buy two cats? Cheap? I got to bed at 12:30 last night, only to be woken at 2, by either the dishwasher or the cats or some combination. Sigh. Then they decided to wake me ten minutes before my alarm went off this morning. My 6 am alarm that I always sleep through and subconsciously turn off. Seems they were hungry. They were fighting. In my bed. On top of me. So they got kicked out immediately and I didn’t feed them, because I refuse to “reward” such behavior.

They’re cheap – I could be convinced to give them away today.

In other boring news… still no cable. won’t commit until she knows if the new girl wants to get cable. Meanwhile, I’m dyin’ here. Apparently I gave my antenna away or have seriously misplaced it. But we’re meeting the new girl tomorrow night. I painted for a few hours last night. Now I just need to do some touch-ups in the closet and it’ll be done (with the exception of the shelf, which I removed, which will take several more days to paint). Hopefully it’ll just take the one coat of rolling Wednesday night. And if and I manage to move the fridge, I can get on the way with organizing the kitchen. I’m going to be so tired of home improvement by the time I’m done.

4 Replies to “Bueller, Bueller, Anyone?”

  1. Kelly,

    you gave your attena to me when I moved but it will be my pleasure to return it to you tonight.

    See ya,

  2. Who are you going to give the cats to?

    All of us have already lived with them before.

    Maybe boy?

  3. Young’un asked me to see if I could find someone to take his cat as well, so… probably not. She’s getting incontinent in her old age… or she’s just pulling a Romeo and expressing her anger about something by peeing in inappropriate places.

    And I’m not really giving them up. Who would greet me at the door? My fish aren’t nearly as excited to see me as Romeo, and Matea is the perfect lap cat for knitting. But, like children, sometimes I need a break from them. Maybe I can send them away to summer camp like my parents did?

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