No Iron Lung Needed

To make up for my laziness last night (spawned from an extra-long trip to Target, the threat of rain, and the cool air) and the consequent lack of going for a jog like I should have, I walked to work this morning. And I will walk home tonight if nothing gets in the way (like the fact that my shoes might give me a blister before then, or that it is supposed to rain).

I love that Spring, aside from the whole “new beginnings” effect it has on the world, makes it easy to want to be healthy. Somehow, healthy foods, a little bit of physical exertion, all of it seems… enjoyable, or at least possible, in the spring. Of course, my body’s a little unhappy with my recent choice of eating an apple a day, but it’ll adjust.

Did you know that when you’re pregnant, you only have to add an extra 300 calories a day to your diet? And you have to drink your 8 glasses of water and 4 glasses of milk. Alison freaked out about that a little bit.

We still don’t have a roommate for May 1. There are two girls who are interested for June 1, and a guy who’s interested in May 1. At this point, we’d really like May 15, since Karla and I figured we could probably split the half-month between us, and it would give us a chance to paint and clean and rearrange. Money would be tight, but do-able. I think. We’ll see. I’m getting anxious, as in, I want to be moved now. I haven’t done any packing because, well, I’m just moving down the hall. I need to take down my bookshelves, but other than that, I think it’s pretty much just pushing everything to the front of the house.

It seems as though my typing skills are sufficient enough to tackle data entry today (yesterday they were atrocious, and that was a bit of a problem for said project). OK, not the most fun project ever, but it will keep me busy.

My caramel roll calls out to me.