I was exhausted when I woke up this morning. So much so that I briefly contemplated calling in sick, just so I could get another four hours of sleep. But here I am. I’m tired because of a great weekend that was chock-a-block full of fun stuff, so it’s not all that bad.

Due to a Twins game, OSF plans changed to El Norteno plans. Good times were still had by all, but I still want OSF. We just have to plan better next time. (Parking downtown goes up significantly when there’s a game, and it seems kind of ridiculous to pay $15 for parking when that’s how much the meal was going to be, don’tcha think?)

Saturday we slept in a little bit, but we had lots of things on our “to do” list and not much time. No dawdling at Crate and Barrel, or the Apple store, despite how much or I might have wanted to (can you guess which of us wanted to dawdle at which one?). We got the last of the furnishings for ‘s bathroom (well, the vases are only temporarily filled with the water and leaf design that we stole from Crate and Barrel, but figuring out exactly what to put in them will take some time, and as far as I’m concerned that means it’s off the “to do” list and more on a “long-term projects” list), including a waste basket, soap, shower curtain, and towels. And he finished building the towel rack sometime on Sunday. It looks really nice (the towel rack and the whole bathroom in general). I found a shower curtain as well, which makes my bathroom look all light and airy. It’s part of the Purging of ’06 (aka getting all traces of out of my house). Plus we stopped into JC Penney, where I never go but stopped in once with before Christmas when she was looking for gifts for her parents and I ended up with a bathmat that is only sold there, so I could finally get the matching hand towels. I know, such a crisis. Just kidding.

There was also a trip to Home Depot (for… brackets, I think, and we could price the lumber needed to build my tetris shelves, which will be a nice summer-long project) and Target. Somewhere in the afternoon, the BBQ was canceled, which meant we had a lot more time to get everything done. Shopping for Easter dinner was done, and was surprisingly less expensive than I thought it would be. We got home and worked on his shelf and other projects while I prepped for Sunday’s dinner. We learned that the yeast I’d brought was too old to work, went out and got store-bought biscuits instead. This week hopefully I can figure out how to make yeast breads (without the bread machine).

Sunday morning we went to church, which was a halfway decent choice. It’s a little strange to try to pick a church for Easter Sunday. I’ve never had to do that before. But they had contemporary music and the sermon was fairly well-done, so it ended up working out. There was much flurry in the kitchen the rest of the day, but all in all I figured that, with the hour of prep on Saturday, Easter dinner only took up six hours, including eating and clean-up. Everyone showed up who’d confirmed they were coming, so we were only missing ‘s brother. His dad made cheesecake for desert, and his friends brought wine, which caused only a small amount of drama when we realized no one had a corkscrew.

After everyone went home and we finished cleaning up, we took a walk and played Frisbee in the field at the local elementary school, since it’s staying light out later and later and the weather was still beautiful. We relaxed for a while on the sofa before almost falling asleep and realizing it was time to take me home.

When I got home, I talked with for a while, learned that we still don’t have a roommate all set to move in May 1, and discussed rearranging furniture in the kitchen and the fact that she’s getting a couch next weekend (goodbye, futon from hell!). came home and said she meant to call me over the weekend to let me know she packed up her pots and pans (since I keep meaning to buy a set). There’s some more fun shopping for this week, or maybe over the weekend when I have access to non-mass transportation.

I know, a lot of boring little details. But it was a good weekend. And now I don’t care about anything because I’ve got Natasha Bedingfield playing on my iPod (she’s my favorite artist of the moment, and I only have 2 songs of hers and keep putting them on repeat). I promise my next post will be more exciting, or funny, or deep, or… short.