Lesson Learned

Gummy bears do not make good breakfast food. They feel like they’re dancing around in my tummy, and not in that happy-go-lucky kind of way. I even sent them dancing partners, Teddy Grahams, but it seems as though it’s more of a junior high dance (girls on one side, boys on the other, no one daring enough to cross) than a mixer. The bagel I just got should cure all. I’ve found that plain, unadulterated carbs often fix minor problems like that. Good thing I’m not all about South Beach. Though, I suppose if I were, I wouldn’t have had the gummy bears for breakfast anyways. Huh. Regardless, I like food with flavor, and as long as my pants fit, it’s all good.

Did I mention that eBay is evil? So is Crate and Barrel. Evil because I love them and have no self-control. Sometimes I hate payday.