Five on Friday – Taxation Without Representation

  1. Have you filed your taxes yet? Yep – two weeks ago. I even got one of my refunds already.
  2. Do you use e-file or the old fashioned paper forms? E-file all the way.
  3. Do you do your taxes by hand, with the help of computer software, or do you hire an accountant or tax firm? Online, with the help of site software. I can do them by hand, and don’t need to pay anyone to do them for me, since they’re so simple right now.
  4. How soon do you do your taxes? Are you a procrastinator or do you do you start them before you even have all of the supporting documents? A little bit of a procrastinator. I could have had them done about a month before I did. But I don’t like waiting until the last minute. Four years ago I was fired on Tax Day, and then had to go home and do my taxes, which just sucked. It’s not a happy day in my mind since then anyways, so I like to avoid as much unpleasantness then as possible.
  5. Imagine you were subjected to a tax law like the Stamp Act of 1765. Would you be willing and able to give up your favorite beverages (coffee, Diet Coke, etc.) and manufactured goods in a boycott like many women did during the American Revolution? I don’t think I’m political enough to boycott Starbucks for a law. But I am poor enough that if they tacked on enough taxes, I’d have to.