Anyone have any ideas of what to do with a nice pair of brown leather ankle boots that are only slightly chewed on by the cat on the toes? The only thing wrong with them is that they smell like cat pee. Anyone? Bueller?

I went into my closet this morning thinking I’d try wearing them. Last time I wore them was right after I’d done a bunch of de-odoring several pairs of shoes (as well as the floor, etc) from ‘s behavioral disorder, and I thought they smelled funny all day at work, but wasn’t positive that the smell hadn’t just permanently lodged in my nostrils (that’s a horrifying thought). So I pulled them out today, and wham, hit with it right away.

So those need to go. Especially because I’ll need to buy replacements for them now. 🙂 Shoe shopping, while quite frustrating, still, in the end, makes me quite happy.

One Reply to “Suggestions?”

  1. If anyone says “donate them” I will personally throttle them. If there is no chance you are going to get them smelling better, you should really just throw them away. Poor people don’t deserve kitty-urine on their feet.

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