My (ever-so-crappy) Aubade

[Editor’s apologies on the quality of this entry]

Brought to you courtesy of the Word Of The Day:

aubade \oh-BAHD\, noun:
A song or poem greeting the dawn; also, a composition suggestive of morning.

Goodmorning, sun that shines so bright
I can’t stay in bed and pretend it’s night
No more clouds to hide behind
Finally Spring as fates designed

Air, stagnant and stale, is blown away
And fresh winds invite me out to play
In grass so green and specked with mud
Under bright blue skies and trees that bud

I wish that I could sleep some more
But cats are pounding on the door
Demanding food and devotion
I slowly move myself to motion

Sun rising and the start of day
Is wonderful in its own way
My affection would be so much greater
If it could come a few hours later