Freaky Weather

OK, not really, because as I check the calendar it’s only the end of March, and in Minnesota I suppose it’s “allowed” to snow until… mid-April if it really wants to. It’s snowing today. Started while I was walking part of the way to work (no, I didn’t walk the whole way, I just missed a bus and thought I’d take a little stroll until the next one drove by). Still, it’s mite bit colder than I’d like, and it seems like snow is in the forecast for the next few days. Bummer. And here I was looking forward to spring.

One Reply to “Freaky Weather”

  1. Kelly, it seems to be back to normal today in IE 7.

    I know you hate it, but it’s the only way I can check webmail for one of my (many) jobs. Really the beta of IE 7 is pretty good when you are forced to use IE 7 by all that is souless and wrong…

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