How about that?

How nice, that when I’m quite sure I’m having a bad hair day, someone walks up to me and tells me how pretty my hair is and that they’d like to trade with me. So it must only look bad to me. That’s alright.

I need to remember that where I sit in the Omnimax theatre is very important. Blech. Poor planning of seating just causes… nausea. The beavers were cute. The cosmic voyage was good (though, as discussed last night, had a very strong slant on evolution/big bang, which was partly expected but a little overwhelming). The second was narrated by Morgan Freeman. Lots of panning across landscapes or the cosmos in both, however, that just meant I didn’t watch large portions. I learned stuff though. I don’t know which shows are tonight, or if I’m up to it again. I’m quite tired.

Afterwards we went out to Joe’s Crab Shack (a fantastic treat, since I never go there anymore). We learned that Margarita Kelly (MK) is not nearly as much fun as Wine Kelly (WK). [Editor’s note: it really should be WWK – White Wine Kelly – because RWK – Red Wine Kelly – is just asleep on whatever horizontal surface she can find. WWK is your friend, though.] Both MK and WK have the same thoughts cross through their minds. But MK is able to stop and think, wait, you don’t really want everyone to know that thought, do you? Keep your mouth shut. WK just shares freely, and is generally amused while doing so. Who knew? We sat down in the booth and said, what interesting things will MK tell us? Sadly, I don’t think I entertained them nearly as much as I could have. But then again, I was the only one drinking, so maybe…. There were quite a few “your mom” jokes thrown around, and even a hint at a “your grandma” one. And our waiter was… well, he wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, and even said so himself, which was probably supposed to be charming but… wasn’t. We weren’t sure exactly who he was trying to flirt with (really, we were each hoping that it was not ourselves), but he wasn’t successful. Sad for him.

And then MK went home and knit. Because there’s now a baby. And it’s still going to take me a million years to finish this blanket. I also re-installed towel hooks in the bathroom.

I have no food in my house, which is quite a sad state of affairs. Actually, there’s not any edible food in the house. There’s lots in my drawer in the fridge, and all of it needs to be tossed. OK, 90% of it. The aloe can stay. And the cheese gave me. I should go to the co-op tonight. Because I think I’d like to eat dinner. It sounds like a good idea.

Speaking of food – any good suggestions for hand-held food for boys? I’d like to feed and his dad as his bathroom is re-tiled, and food that can be held in one hand (or at least doesn’t require odd utensils like chopsticks and fondue forks) have been requested. Anyone?

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  1. What our waiter said was, “I’m not the brightest lightbulb in the closet.”

    1) How many lightbulbs are there in the closet?
    2) Why don’t you come out of the closet?
    3) I didn’t know lightbulbs could be gay.

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