I am tired of winter. Really, I’m just tired of the 0% humidity. I put lotion on and still my skin is scaly (well, OK, so I don’t look like an alligator or something, but it’s still not desirable). I think that’s what had my cats all freaked out yesterday (because they were bastards all night). They got baths last Wednesday and already has dandruff. And is just one big ball of static electricity. That must be no fun.

Tonight instead of knitting at the coffee shop, and and I are experiencing an Omni film or two. I’m not exactly sure which ones are tonight, since the schedule changed since the original email, but it should be fun. Yay for employee discounts!

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  1. I actually didn’t get scratched up. Put on my sweats and a long-sleeve tshirt, baited them into the bathroom with wet cat food, and climbed into the bathtub. There were horrible sounds coming from the room, and there was lots of squirming, but no injury to person. Matea actually injured me more yesterday when she tried to jump onto my lap.

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