[because I said over the weekend I should write a post with that title, after watching that commercial for the mints, you know, with the Duff sisters.]

I woke up this morning much later than I should have (so what’s new), got out of bed, and promptly collapsed onto the floor. I was a little bit confused as to what had happened, tried to stand up, and again fell down. Seeing as how I felt perfectly fine, I was a bit confused. It seems that , in all her girth, slept in exactly the right spot on my left thigh to make it fall asleep, and so I temporarily didn’t have control of it or my knee. It was a very strange sensation. I hopped around for a bit to feed the cats and hoped it would wake up fully before I showered (because that just didn’t sound like a good combination, and the last thing I want is for a roommate to come home and find me naked, pruny, and unconscious in the bathroom). Very, very strange.

is driving up Wednesday night, but I’ve got nothing else to say about that.

The movie Friday night was, really, dreadful. There was a plot, but the whole thing was just… weird. Confusing weird. I don’t recommend seeing it. But it didn’t ruin my day or anything – it wasn’t that horrific.

Last night I managed to make it through 2 reps on the baby blanket, so now it’s about a foot long (only… three or four more left to go – feet, that is). And I started knitting a hat for my friend with cancer – the same one that I knit for , actually, with the same yarn just different colors, since she really liked it and it was soft on her bald head.

Huh. I haven’t talked to and in a while. Well, there was that 4-minute call on Valentine’s Day. And sometime the week after we talked for about 3 minutes to determine travel plans. Yeah. I haven’t talked to in over a week, but she’s going to be here so I didn’t call last night. Of course, I didn’t call like I said I was going to either, but I wasn’t sure if she’d be busy or not (and now I’ve got an email out there waiting to find out her plans for the week, so we can catch up – haven’t talked to her since Christmas). I should probably call too and see if we can’t finalize some plans for ‘s visit. Friday she’s spending with , who apparently doesn’t have to work that day. Saturday is with me and , and Sunday is church with and . She’s going to visit ‘s class Monday morning on her way out of town. I thought that somewhere in there we were all having dinner together, the 5 of us. But plans about that are still… nebulous.

This month’s Real Simple magazine kept me up late last night. There is some good stuff in it, including a tip that I saw for that I can’t remember at the moment. Will have to look that back up.

Obviously, I’ve got nothing going on today, both work-wise and in my head. Feel free to leave “your mom” jokes in the comments.