Four For Friday

  1. I didn’t feel like answering this one.
  2. Weather: Do you check your weather report on a daily basis? Regardless of how often you check, where do you go for information about the weather… newspaper, television, radio, or do you receive your weather reports via the Internet? Not daily, but often in the morning before leaving for work or getting dressed I flip through the cable guide to get the temperature. It’s winter, though, and so the answer is usually “cold.” Maybe in the spring when the options are “cold,” “cold and rainy,” “warm,” “warm and rainy,” and possibly “sunny,” I’ll check more often. But isn’t that what windows are for?
  3. Sold: What’s the last thing you sold (both personally and professionally)? Professionally? Nothing. I work for the state. Other than selling my soul for a paycheck. Personally… I sold a 512-MB SD card for her new PDA.
  4. Footwear: How many different pairs of shoes do you own verses how many you actually wear on a regular basis? I am only allowed to own as many pairs that will fit in the hanging rack in my closet (OK, plus the oversized boots don’t count, and the out-of-season box at the top of the closet). So… 15-ish plus out-of-season (which means like 5 pairs of sandals right now). How many do I wear? 3. Pink Sketchers. Brown casual leather. Pink suede clogs. That’s it. There are several pair in there that I haven’t worn in probably over a year. But it’s really hard to find cute shoes in my size, so why give them up just yet? In the summer, I usually wear 3 pairs as well: Pink Sketchers, brown sandals, black sandals. Creature of habit I guess.