I was having some serious chocolate issues yesterday, and the co-op benefited from my ravenous desire. Ben & Jerry’s Brownie Batter Ice Cream? Delicious.

And the guy at Ace Hardware on Grand gets my Customer Service Award of the day yesterday. Despite the piercings and body jewelry and art, spiky hair, and… fill in the rest of the picture yourself, he was extremely friendly and helpful and got me exactly what I wanted. He was everything I want in a salesperson – asked questions to determine what I wanted, offered up alternate solutions but didn’t push on the sale, friendly, didn’t treat me like an idiot just because I was out of my element…. the whole nine yards.


It was with great shock and awe last night that, while talking to Prince Charming, I realized that, in the six months I’ve known him, I’ve never truly been angry at or upset with him (Amanda and Liz, if I’m remembering this incorrectly, don’t remind me and let me have my blissful ignorance, ’cause obviously if I forgot it, it didn’t really matter anyways). That is impressive, considering . So he gets an award for that:

Congratulations! Anti-Peeve Award

There are very few people who’ve ever done that (trying to think of any… coming up blank… oh, probably Betsy and Sarah, because of their unique personalities)… still, it’s mighty amazing).