Wednesday Mind Hump

[Clearly, I don’t know how to stop myself.]

  1. Name five famous Georges: Bush, W Bush, Curious, Boy, and Burns.
  2. How many one-dollar bills do you have in your wallet/purse right now? …checking… 6
  3. Ever been to Washington, D.C.? How about Washington State? Tell us a little about your trip to either of those places. And if you haven’t been to either place, tell me what Washington, D.C. monument, institution or tourist attraction you most want to see if you ever go there. Yes, on both accounts. I was in DC for a mission trip with a former youth group in 2000. We did some sightseeing and played music in the park, but mostly worked at a camp outside the city. It was probably one of the worst mission trips I’ve been on – just poorly planned (not by me, or the leader of the trip, but the mission organization itself). I went to Seattle in 1996 with my high school choir. That was cool. I’d definitely go back there – didn’t get to see or experience nearly enough of it.

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