Well, my feet made it almost through the day in these shoes. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring spares, so they’ll just have to hurt until I get home and can put on tennis shoes. At least I re-thought the plan to go directly to Ace, and instead stop at home for jeans and shoes and a bite to eat. Otherwise I’d have to walk an extra… six or eight blocks in these shoes, and I think that would result in… well, Band-Aids would be involved.

Tomorrow morning I have an all-staff meeting at 9. [Warning: annoying whine coming up that most people will think is just frivolous because they’re usually at work by then anyways and don’t I just live the cushy life….] That means I have to leave my house in time to grab coffee, make it up to the 5th floor to turn on my computer and settle in and then back downstairs to the second floor for the meeting, preferably without showing up two minutes before (which only means I have to sit in front, or with people I don’t normally chat with for good reason). That’s no fun. I probably shouldn’t stay up until 1:30 knitting like I did last night. (Wow, I just feel like a huge dork. And emailed me today wanting to know if on her visit up here we should go to the Three Kittens yarn shop. Just throw in another cat at home and I’m officially an old maid, I think. Or… something unflattering. Knitting with my three cats, hair stickin’ up in strange places, answering the door and scaring the neighbor kids away…. There’s a future there, I think.)