Well, my biggest fear today was that I would completely forget to stop in at Field’s and get nylons. Mission accomplished, I now feel like the rest of the day will just run itself. It may not sound like a big deal, but it’d be rather inconvenient to try to get my hands on some after work but before ‘s work thing. And as fun as wearing a dress in frigid temperatures sounds, bare legs sounds like even less fun.

So I come back from my coffee break and on my desk is a stack of photocopies of… stories of people with disabilities. I’m guessing that they’re for next week’s meeting as a handout, but there’s no note on it and no email in my box. Why do people do things like that?

I desperately need a haircut. My girl was booked today, otherwise I’d be taking off early to get one before dinner. I should schedule an appointment for next week, before I pull out all of my hair (can’t help it – I see a split end, I gotta get rid of it). But it’s so long! You can especially tell when it’s straight (like today) – coulda fallen over when I saw it in the mirror this morning. (Hey, my hair and I have a love-hate relationship. I gotta be nice to it when it’s done something good. Positive reinforcement.)

Back to work. Bah.