New Best Friend

Starbucks is my new best friend. They have a new drink, and I haven’t even tried it and know it’s going to be wonderful. How do I know this? It’s a new and improved version of my already-favorite drink, the White Chocolate Mocha. It’s the Marble Mocha Macchiato. I like the Caramel Macchiato. I love White Chocolate Mochas. This can’t quite possibly be bad in any way. (Of course, I can’t think of a single drink that Starbucks has introduced in the last… five years that I didn’t love, unless of course it’s one I didn’t try because I knew I wouldn’t, like the strawberries & creme frappuccinos.)

Plus, my Starbucks is handing out these swizzle sticks to promo the drink. My co-worker brought one back for me – specifically requested a second one so I could have one and get excited, long before I’ll go out into the Skyway to get one myself.

No, I’m not drooling just thinking about it. But I bet I’ll make it out of the office to go get coffee before 11.

One Reply to “New Best Friend”

  1. 410 calories. 15 grams of fat. 9 of those fat grams are satuarated fats.

    While this drink may be a friend of your tastebuds, it makes your heart hurt.

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