From my Valentine

All together now, "awwwwww......"

I'm loving this picture, maybe more so than the one I took of the apple last fall.

Do I have the best boyfriend or what? And all he got were some really ugly pajama pants. 🙂 Seriously. They looked much cuter online. But that’s OK, because I can return them and we can pick out new ones that he’d actually wear.

Was love in the air where you were? Tell me about your Valentine’s Day (in the comments, of course)!

2 Replies to “From my Valentine”

  1. I’m hoping love was in the air…

    I finally asked the boy I’ve been crushing on for…hmmm…6 months?…yeah, 6…wow, that’s pathetic…out. Hopefully this time it was obvious enough to not be confused as a “friend thing”. Haven’t heard back yet, but keep your fingers crossed!

    I also went out with 3 other lovely and single ladies for dinner. Good times were had by all. We even had a male server! Who was not anywhere near as cute as the server one section over named Marco who kept giving my co-worker Annie “gooey eyes”. We’re waiting to see if anything comes of this…

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