Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cookies are always fun for holidays, especially ones in fun shapes. And I had, like, half the dough left from my winter cookie-making fun, so Valentine’s Day cookies it was. It made up about 4-dozen, though, and since can’t eat that many by himself, most of them came to work. I’m proud of them – they’re cute, though not as cute as I originally planned. Apparently, I am not allowed to melt chocolate. Ever. There were… seven tries, various ways, various types of chocolates. All complete failures. Sad. But the cookies turned out OK anyways. I especially like the sandwich ones. I just ate one – they’re good. Not my best work overall – had trouble with the oven staying the right temperature, so some are darker around the edges and some aren’t as puffy as they should be. But they still all taste good.

Note to and :If my co-workers don’t eat them all today, I’ll freeze them and bring them to SNB next week, OK?

These are the miniature hearts, if you can't tell. The big one is a "regular" sized cookie. I had fun with sprinkles.

The whole 4-ish dozen. Hungry? Or pink overload?

Lips and hearts with arrows through them. Lips are strange things to decorate - never know exactly what to do.

I liked the huge heart cookies, but the sandwich ones the best, even though they didn't turn out as wonderful as I wanted. I'm the only one who cares, I'm sure. The perfectionist in me is disappointed, but I'm sure everyone else will just appreciate the yummies.

More of the whole batch...

Hearts anyone? How about some pink frosting?

I only made up half a batch and still had tons leftover. And yes, that is powdered sugar all over my table. If my house had an outlet near the sink, I would have mixed the frosting up in the sink (because powdered sugar just flies everywhere when using an electric mixer). But alas, my house was designed… well, not with that in mind. Clearly, whoever placed the outlets wasn’t thinking about cookie making.

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  1. damn right. i want some nookie …I mean cookies…oops (i really need to get over that concupiscence problem of mine). yeah. so, yeah, I want some cookies, damn it. and not the plain ones either. i want the sandwich-y ones you think are so good. so there.

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