How much do you like your body? If you woke up on a warm morning and were planning on doing nothing the whole day, how long would you wait to get dressed? What do you usually wear to sleep?

I just don’t feel like answering the first part today. If you know me, you can probably figure out the answer anyways.

As evidenced yesterday, I’ll wait as long as possible to get dressed for the day if I’m not doing anything. Christmas day and I finally got dressed at about 5pm, and that was only because it seemed like the thing to do. And she’s not a slacker like me. I prefer comfy clothing over all else, and the ability to take a nap at any time in the day and be comfortable in what I’m wearing is very appealing. (I’m a bit tired today, since I was up past 2 last night, so my answers might be a bit skewed today.)

These days I wear my satin pj’s to bed. I have a blue pair gave me for Christmas, and a black pair that I bought myself. I noticed that Target has some on sale for Valentine’s Day, so I may have to go get myself another pair. They’re fabulous, and definitely a luxury every woman should indulge in if at all possible.