Monday’s a B*tch – Envy

  1. Who do you aspire to be like? I’ve got some friends that I’d like to be more like in some aspects (, ). I used to have more people I wanted to be like when I was in ministry, but now I’m without some of that.
  2. Does it bother you when your significant other is friendly with members of the opposite sex? Absolutely not. I trust him, and am confident enough in myself and our relationship. I don’t look good in jealousy anyways.
  3. Does the amount of media attention that someone like Paris Hilton obtains seem unjust? Unjust, no. Stupid, overrated, ridiculous, yes.
  4. Has your own unhappiness ever caused you to unintentionally resent the happiness of another person? Absolutely. I tried very hard when got engaged to be happy for her, but there was a part of me that felt sad for me. I know there were many more times in high school and probably college where this was even more true, but hopefully I’ve grown since then. I’ve tried very hard to separate my joy for someone else’s happiness from my feelings for myself that are only brought about by their situation, so I can be happy with them and not encroach on their joy, but also recognize what I’m thinking and feeling and deal with that on my own.
  5. Have you ever changed to fit in with a desirable group? Isn’t that what junior high and high school are about? I never really did the “fitting in” thing well though. I just am who I am, and as apologetic as I can be about that, it’s not going to change. I’m not a good chameleon. I’ve kept quiet sometimes so that people might think I’ve changed to fit in, but really I’ve just tried to avoid conflict or didn’t think it would be beneficial to share that I was on the opposite side of the argument. I think everyone changes a little bit depending on who they’re with – it’s our nature. That’s why we all feel a little off-kilter when our worlds collide. I don’t swear at all around , and rarely at work, but am much more likely to with and . There are some friends I feel much more comfortable talking about faith and belief with, and some I feel more comfortable talking about work-related things, and I could go on. I’m more likely to try hard to be friendly and appear interested when talking with friends’ parents than, say, co-workers. Different sides of the same coin.