I think an essential part of the Krispy Kreme experience is a tall, cold glass of milk. And I am without.

Not that I didn’t just enjoy that glazed donut. I’m just sayin’. Almost lovin’ the co-worker who brought them in, leftover from a meeting yesterday. Except that she normally gets most of my hatred at work, so love is really gonna be a stretch. I can’t get Krispy Kremes usually. I mean, I don’t really have access to them, unless my Target sells them, and I don’t see them there usually. And as much as I may talk about it, I haven’t been to Target a lot lately. Or Cub. So, see, other than those two places and the gas station on Hamline, I’m not quite sure where I could get them. At least, not by bus. That’s something I gave up when I gave up my car – Krispy Kreme access. Bummer. Clearly, this wasn’t well thought-out.