I know you know what I’m talking about if I mention days where it feels like the whole world is out to make your life absolutely miserable. But today, I’m having one where it feels like perhaps maybe not everyone, but definitely quite a few people, are out to make me smile.

I haven’t been getting the love from Tammy, my barista, lately. She doesn’t say my name or remember my drink, and isn’t even cheerful. So I can only assume that something is going on in her life that’s not good, or that she’s unhappy in her job, or, quite possibly, both. Oh well. She still makes a mean White Chocolate Mocha.

But after getting coffee, I stopped in at Peterson’s for some popcorn (the 2-way mix is fabulous, even though I was skeptical at first of caramel corn and cheese corn together). Old Man Peterson (I haven’t actually been around downtown St Paul to know if that’s his name, but he’s very popular and everyone seems to know him) was at the register. He’s got to be at least 80, and today was quite the ladies man. First he asked if my hair was naturally curly, and then told the other lady behind the counter (presumably his daughter) how beautiful it was, and she agreed. (Not to sound ungrateful here, but if people are going to comment positively about my hair, that’s usually the extent of the comments, and they’re almost always identical.) He rang me up and then told me he had something for me. I would possibly have been shocked if I hadn’t watched him pull the exact same thing with the two ladies who’d been in front of me in line, since I’m not a regular at all (I’ve probably gotten popcorn less than a dozen times in my 3 years here). He said he was giving me his heart, and then pointed to some foil-wrapped chocolates in front of the register. So cute.

Then I stopped in at Anchor Bank. They’re not my bank, but they’ve got good customer service and never have lines, since they’re new in the building. The girl behind the counter, who I’ve had before, was just all smiles and was acting like it was her job to make me happy, even though all I wanted was a roll of quarters.

So there you have it. Thought I’d point out some of the positive things in the world around me, since I’m so good at talking about all the negative things.