Thrilling day, let me tell you. This afternoon, our server has been in and out, so working with files has been… interesting. I was safe in Access, but didn’t dare try Word.

So I’ve been typing into Access (don’t I wish there was a better way, but the original Word document is not set up so that copy-paste is even plausible) a list of EVERY SINGLE CITY IN MINNESOTA. That’s right. Doesn’t that sound fun? No, I won’t know much more Minnesota geography than I do right now when I’m done, but I’ll certainly be more familiar with the names of places, even if I couldn’t put them on a map.

Target tonight (I’m outta conditioner – what a tragedy!) and then house-cleaning. Don’t really need to be embarrassed by the state of my house at brunch on Saturday. I mean, certain people I don’t care, or at least I know they understand or they don’t care themselves, but strangers and acquaintances… yes, I do care about appearances. So sue me. Plus, the house just gets gross from time to time. Vacuuming up all that cat hair. And while I rarely use the kitchen… I’d like to cook in a clean one, especially when cooking for others. So, yeah.

That’s my exciting life. What “thrilling” things are you doing tonight?