Tuesday Twosome

  1. Have you been called annoying? If so, were you offended? I was a junior high girl. I’m quite sure I was called that and it was true and deserved. And I’m sure I was offended, being the highly sensitive, emotional girl that I was. And I think that some youth group kids have referred to things I’ve done as annoying (as in, won’t tell them what games we’re playing, won’t let them tell each other to “shut up,” that sort of thing).
  2. Have you ever insulted someone? If so, did you feel guilty later? Hasn’t everyone? But at the same time, not really very much to someone’s face. In my first elementary school, there was this boy with red hair who was covered with freckles, and we called him “Freckle Face,” which I’m sure sounds especially cruel coming from me, but it was eat or be eaten in second grade. And in junior high, girls are particularly mean to each other. I don’t know if I felt guilty about any of it at the time, but I sure don’t now. All things considered, I think in terms of face-to-face interaction, I’ve dished out far less than I’ve received.
  3. What is more important to you, someone who looks great or who has a great personality? Why? Personality. A great personality and character (which is really more important than both of them) makes someone much more attractive. Likewise, a beautiful person can become really unattractive just by opening their mouth.
  4. When was the last date you went on and how did it go? Um… do I have official dates anymore? I just spend lots of time with . If they’re assumed, maybe they’re not dates. But suffice it to say, it went well, whenever it was (seeing as how we’re still dating).
  5. What is more embarrassing, food stuck in your teeth or food spilled on your clothes? Stuck in teeth, definitely. I’m quite used to having food spilled on my clothes, and am rarely embarrassed about it anymore. Most of high school had me spilling coffee down the front of my shirt before lunchtime anyways, and it’s just far too easy. Of course, it’s pretty easy to get food stuck in my teeth, since they’re all wedged in there pretty tight, but I try to be… diligent about not letting that happen. Depending on the meal, it’s definitely a fear of mine.