Restless Legs

If you haven’t heard about them, visit the link briefly first [link removed].

Restless legs run in Mom’s family. Specifically Mom and myself. I don’t get them all that often anymore. Lately, the few times that I have noticed it, I’ve been super-tired but making myself stay awake anyways, and if I either go to bed or take a quick nap or just intentionally rest, they seem to go away.

I’m sure that’s not a very good solution for most people, but it’s worked for me. One of my staff in Arizona got them and her doctor gave her stretches to do before bedtime that were supposed to relieve it. I was surprised that she even had restless legs, since she was a runner, and I seem to be more prone to having them when I’m less active than I normally am (like when switching to a full-time office job). I didn’t have a single problem with them when I was in Arizona, probably because we worked 18-20 hour days and were dog-tired all the time.