Four For Friday

  1. Moving: According to a recent report on American Public Media’s ‘Marketplace,’ in New York City, landlords and developers are paying big money (in some cases upwards of six figures and more) to convince renters to vacate their rent-controlled apartments. The practice, which makes way for property owners to then raise rents or build luxury condos, is now commonplace in many cities where rent-controlled housing still exists. Do you like your home or apartment? If so, what would it take to get you to agree to move? I think no, if only to maintain the idea of rent-control. I think it’s good (though I’ve not lived in a situation like that, and am not even sure if we have that in Minnesota).
  2. You Choose: Which is more important to you… Liberty or Security? I saved this one for last, because, well, it’s deep. I’m really a fan of liberty and freedom, and would find it very hard to live in some parts of this world that don’t have that. And there’s a sort of security in freedom. But I also really like that I feel safe, where I live, where I work (I don’t think I was meant to live in New York City), and truly treasure that as well. And honestly, if I have to pick one over the other, I’m going with security, because I think that I could secretly practice or at least still hold in my mind and heart those things where my freedoms could be taken away (religion comes to mind), but would find it very hard to cope in a war zone or always under terrorist attack or anything like that where my security was never guaranteed.
  3. Drinking: If you could drink anything right now–alcoholic or otherwise–what and how much of it would you drink? Well, I’ve got a homemade mocha sitting here that’s pretty good. A nice glass of ice water or really cold milk could be good too.
  4. Counting: How many light bulbs are in your home, and when was the last time you had to change one? Ooh…. OK, so this is only an estimate, and I’m counting light fixtures, not individual bulbs. Ten. Some of those have multiple bulbs in them (like the kitchen lights). Christmas Eve Eve, replaced the one in the front room so we could exchange gifts by the tree.