Friday Fun

  1. What is the one thing that is guaranteed to brighten your mood, no matter what?
  2. You have no place to be, no distractions, no responsibilities, & all the money in the world. What is your favorite thing to do by yourself? With a friend? With family? By myself: laying in a hammock reading a book, with the sun overhead blocked enough for me to be able to see, but still bright enough that you know it’s summer even when your eyes are closed. With a friend: sit and talk over coffee, or watch a movie. With family: uh… I really need to color my hair, so I’m going to go with that, with .
  3. What is the most fun thing you have done today? This week? Today? Well, cleaning up cat pee from inside my favorite brown shoes definitely doesn’t make the “fun” list. I haven’t been awake long enough for anything fun to happen. And I’ve really only gotten ready for the day and come to work, so…. I think the most fun this week was Tuesday night’s SNB with and . It’s good to get caught up and have a few laughs.