Four For Friday

  1. Teachers: The Houston Independent School District (HISD) is about to become the largest public school district in the United States to tie teachers’ pay to their students’ standardized test scores. How do you feel about this? Do you feel HISD and other school districts around the country should be able to tie teacher pay to student performance, or should merit or something else aside from student performance figure into the equation? Wow, I didn’t know anything about this, and honestly don’t have an opinion. At least not any educated one. Ask me in a few years once I’ve been back in the schools. Of course, I think the answer would completely depend on whether you worked at a magnet school or an inner-city school or in an affluent suburb or out in rural America. I bet people from all over have different opinions just because… that’s how it is.
  2. Osama: Do you honestly think Osama bin Laden will ever be captured or killed by U.S. troops? I decided last night, on a whim, that he’s completely made up. He doesn’t exist. Nope. [Note: for all of you who think I’m serious… I’m not. But I’m just so tired of the whole thing. Make it stop!]
  3. Emotion: When and why was the last time you screamed at the top of your lungs? …? I don’t know. Perhaps into a pillow sometime after getting fired or while working in Arizona.
  4. Your Bed: Is your bed really comfortable, or do you live with poor sleep caused by the quality of your bedding? I’ve gotten used to my really crappy mattress (thanks, , for buying the cheapest, most temporary thing ever created), after… over two years (have they really been married that long? wow). But other people (ahem, ) seem to not find it comfortable, and I understand, because I think the first year and a half of sleeping on it resulted in lots of back pain and bad sleep. But beds cost way too much. I wouldn’t buy another twin mattress at my age, but can’t really afford to get a full (where would I put it, anyways? I’d have to get rid of furniture, or… something), so I’m kinda stuck with what I’ve got for now.