Five On Friday – Wall Flowers

  1. What is the wallpaper on your computer? I just changed it to a b&w photo of a little kid with an umbrella jumping in a puddle.
  2. What color are the walls in the room you’re in right now? I’m at work, so they’re mostly white. There are a few that they “cleverly” painted random colors, but the colors they chose are hideous (well, not necessarily on their own, but the combination is atrocious).
  3. Describe some of the wallpapers you have lived with. I can’t remember the last time I actually had wallpaper, or really any of them. When I lived in Michigan I put up a border in the guest bedroom that was sunflowers (it matched the bedspread and curtains).
  4. Would you ever consider using wallpaper to decorate? What would it look like? Mainly no, though the textured stuff you can buy and then paint might be cool if used right.
  5. If you could use anything not specifically intended for walls (no paint, wallpaper, etc) to spruce up your walls, without any nasty consequences, what would you use? I’d love to do a huge decoupage wall (just one, though, or else it’d be too much and I’d just get dizzy all the time) of things cut out from magazines and photos of friends and… so very high school, I know.