Wednesday Mind Hump

  1. What artist and/or band (or a few) makes you want to crank your stereo so the whole neighborhood can hear? A bunch of country ones – it’s more that I’ve got some mix CDs that have this effect on me, or that make me sing aloud and dance around my kitchen.
  2. What are a few of your favorite songs to crank on your stereo? See above.
  3. What artist or style of music do you NOT want to hear cranked up on a stereo? Anything my next door neighbor plays – specifically the hard rap that contains more profanities than non-vulgar words (children are present, man!).
  4. What “stereo” do you use most often: regular stereo, DVD player, clock radio, computer, Ipod, or car stereo? Most often? My iPod. And then the CD player in the kitchen.