CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul 22): Explaining your motives to others isn’t just a one day event; this inclination will likely last for the next few weeks. You always want others to understand you, but it’s difficult to know where to jump in. So, day by day, you put it off, until the gulf of what’s not expressed is just too large to cross. Now, however, you can set your sights high and bit by bit you can tell it all.

[Note: I don’t really believe in horoscope stuff, but sometimes it’s interesting/amusing anyways, and you can always get some good introspection out of the stuff regardless.]

Yes, I always want others to understand me (it’s why I find myself frequently asking, does that make sense? am I making myself clear? over email). And I’ve got some conversations to have that I could totally see getting put off (mainly because I’ve been putting them off already, since the holidays are all about being happy and carefree and light-hearted and I just didn’t feel like being serious, so sue me). But I really shouldn’t. I don’t see it as getting “too large to cross,” perhaps just because certain friends will berate me until I suck it up. Now doesn’t that sound cryptic? I don’t mean to be, just that a girl’s gotta have some secrets. I don’t expect said conversations to end poorly or be painful or horrible, just that they’re of a fairly serious nature and that’s always just a little… daunting, especially when the serious stuff is my own personal flaws (in some instances) or … how do I categorize that other one… let’s just go with “future crap.”