Well That’s Nice

Already this morning I’ve been asked how my weekend was, and I was able to say without hesitation, “good!” enthusiastically and really mean it. It was a good weekend and I was happy enough at several points for others to point out that I looked happy.

Friday night came over and we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas (it was on TV, which was strange, because it had been our plan to watch it on VHS and then it showed up in programming) and made dinner (thanks, Real Simple magazine, for the fabulous recipe that I wish there were leftovers of because it was that good). We went to bed early and got nearly nine hours of sleep before I had to get up and get ready for my last day volunteering at the Science Museum. The kids were amazingly quiet and dedicated to finishing their pages, so the morning went rather smoothly. I quick skedaddled out of there at one to go home and change into warmer clothing. I had one pair of long underwear on and while waiting for the bus got cold, and decided that was unacceptable for a 2-hour shift ringing at Cub. In a stroke of genius, I put on two pairs of long underwear pants, two pairs of socks including a wool pair, an undershirt, turtleneck sweater, and wool sweater on top of it all. By the time I made it to the bus stop I was sweating, but thankful for the warmth later.

Ringing bells Saturday at Cub was cold and I was a bit grumpy about the change in plans (because I signed up for the entrance door and they decided to move me to the exit, and while that’s not a big deal, the line I kept getting was, “I know that’s what you signed up for, but sometimes that’s not how it works out,” which was annoying since I signed up for my shifts back in November with their neato online system and received multiple emails from them confirming my exact schedule and even phone calls the Friday night before, all of them confirming my exact schedule, only to have, each Saturday, run into some confusion about my shift – first week they had the time wrong on the sign that says who it is that’s volunteering, then last week there was a guy there who didn’t know I was coming and eventually he just wandered off, and then this weekend with the doors, and it just put me off a bit from wanting to do that again – I don’t need more confusion in my life). Anyways. I still enjoyed ringing the bell and was thankful for the brick wall that blocked me from the wind. I’d set my cell phone alarm to go off at 3:45, 15 minutes before my shift was to end, and then fought with myself the whole time about looking to see what time it really was. I knew I didn’t want to know what time it was until the alarm went off, because anything else would mean way too much time left in the cold. Amazingly enough, my will power won out and I was pleasantly surprised when the alarm went off, having told myself that it was really probably only 3:30 at the latest. showed up right at 4 to pick me up and help me thaw out.

Relaxed/took a nap for a bit once we got back to my house and I changed into more human clothing, before rallying ourselves (or maybe it was just me that needed to be rallied) with hot cocoa and more of ‘s Christmas cookies that will turn me into the Goodyear blimp if I continue to eat them at this pace, and then we were off to ‘s birthday party. (Speaking of which, I really need that artichoke dip recipe, .) Yummy food there and later when we went out for dinner. Back at ‘s, we gave up on trying to stay awake much longer, after a foray with ‘s laptop and the new Mac OS.

We slept in Sunday (because I really wanted to, and because I really didn’t think that even if I got up and made it home and showered and dressed that I would actually make it to church when it was 3* outside – a 20 minute walk just doesn’t sound good at that point), and then he dropped me off at home and went to a farewell lunch for a friend. Later he came and picked me up to go over to another friend’s for crepes and several episodes of Stargate SG-1, and then we hung out at my place until it was clear that sleep was quickly approaching and so someone needed to drive home.

I stayed up later than I should have after that, but I can’t exactly remember what I was doing that kept me up until 1. Huh. I was tired when I woke up this morning, and the negative 3* outside wasn’t too encouraging, but I made it into work anyways. I’m quite sure that most people don’t check the weather/temperature before going outside, because I was the only one bundled up for the cold. Sure, people had on winter coats, and some had on hats, but where were the scarves, the mittens, the ear warmers? I don’t get it. I’m obsessive (OK, not really) about checking the cable for the current weather before getting dressed and/or before leaving the house. It’s such a handy feature.

left this morning with a packed suitcase, which I can only assume means her grandfather died and she was flying out to Colorado for the funeral. She didn’t say as much, but it was to be expected. Not too much sympathy is required – he had been put in hospice last week, and this was the third time he almost died in several years, so she was ready for it.

My workload is amazingly light compared to the last few weeks, and for that I’m glad. It’s sad that my blog still isn’t fixed, but I’ve gotten over it and keep writing anyways. When it comes back up, there’s going to be a lot to read, that’s for sure.