This Weekend in Pictures

OK, so I don’t really have pictures of much of my weekend, and I can’t actually post right now (since Friday, and I’m getting annoyed), but I wanted to post these anyways while I remembered.

I got my tree up and decorated on Sunday. Yay!
Another one of the tree - better captures the "glow" that makes me smile.
I've made some really good progress on the hat for Candy - it's time to switch from the circular needle to double-pointed ones (I'm not actually sure what that means, but I know it means I'm close to being done. It looks like a hat!).
After church on Sunday, I stopped in at Pier One, mostly because it was cold outside and I needed a stint inside to make it all the way home. But I found some cute stuff to make a centerpiece on the kitchen table (in hopes that it would keep it clear of the crap that certain roommates accumulate).
My cats aren't actually making out in this picture - really, it's just group bathing, but don't they look cute?
Matea does this cute thing where she covers her eyes to sleep sometimes, and it was so adorable I had to get a picture.
The big orange blur is Romeo, hard at the work of bathing Matea. She clearly is enjoying herself.